Agility Training


We are excited to add Agility classes to the line up for 2016 at Leash Free Living! In agility, dogs navigate an obstacle course under direction of their handler. This a fun way to get to know your dog and create teamwork between dog and owner. Obedience is the hardest part of agility, so these classes are only open to graduates of the Beginner Group Class, or Advanced Puppy Class (or the private lesson equivalent of those programs).

Foundations of Agility $125

Six week group class to apply your obedience training to agility, introduce your dog to agility equipment and teach agility specific games and commands. This is a small group class to get you and your dog working as a team, and ready to navigate agility courses. Class is limited to four students per session. Upcoming sessions are listed below.

Saturday, January 6th at Kitty’s Canine Clips 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Open Agility $60

Open to graduates of Foundations of Agility and Agility 1. This is an open run through format class. Dog will be at varying levels of agility. We will have a sequence planned and each dog will work at their own pace, with coaching and instruction. This class is sold in 4 week sets and held every Saturday from 10:30 – 11:30 am


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