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Oh how I love Winter break! Rugby and I have been busy training and he has been giving me that extra somethin’ when we work. I love it! It doesn’t mean he is doing everything correctly all the time, but he is doing it with overwhelming enthusiasm! It also means he is wearing himself out and once we get home all he does is go from bed to bed getting his beauty rest. A tired dog is a good dog!

Tonight was Applewoods‘ Annual Holiday Party (not to be confused with the photo shoot) that got postponed until now because of snow. We set aside some time to Congratulate all the people who earned Obedience Titles in 2010. Rugby was one of the dogs in line up!


He not only earned his Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Title last year, but also earned his Rally Novice (RN) Title. That means he got TWO prizes, a big bowl for the CDX and a little bowl for the RN. I tried to have him sit in the big bowl while holding the little bowl but he was overflowing a little.

Pete, the lab was there to accept his prize for earning his CDX Title, but we had to accept Lily’s prize for her. Lily, the golden retriever got a bowl for earning her Companion Dog (CD) Title.

I am so proud of Rugby, Pete and Lily as well as the rest of our dog training buddies! We have big plans to earn more bowls for this year! 😉
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