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A New Plan

…for the itchies.

We went yesterday for the first time to a Holistic vet. It was different but what he said made sense! He gave us a new plan for attacking the itchies that includes –
Taking chicken out of his diet and increasing the amount of beef and fish.
Giving him some herbs and some liquid that I have to squirt in Rugby’s mouth but he doesn’t have to swallow three times a day.
Rugby also got acupuncture yesterday, and some vitamins too. 

He sent us home with articles to read, which I really enjoyed. They were filled with dog care facts (nutrition, fighting fleas and ticks, proper heartworm medication use, etc), some of the stuff I knew and some of it I didn’t. Every dog owner could benefit from reading them and it is a shame that all vets don’t give them to their clients!

I left pretty happy, since I agreed with this vet on alot of his points. This was a very nice change to our past vet experiences. We spent a LOT of time with the vet (about an hour) – also surprising since most vets kind of do a ‘drive by’ and have their vet techs do the rest.

The only thing he said that I didn’t agree with was that he prefers harness to collars?? Ewww. No comment.


For a little more exciting news, Rugby met Karrie’s 3rd foster dog over the weekend. She had to work so we agreed to drive him to the adoption event that morning and leave him with some other volunteers. I think it is best if I don’t mention the events of the day, and move right on to some pictures.

Here are a couple of Jed and Rugby…

And one just of Jed since he is so cute –
He MIGHT already have a new owner lined up but he tested positive for some sort of tick related disease I have never heard of and they won’t sell him to someone untill he has been neutered.
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