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A Little Shopping Center Fun

You can find good training opportunities anywhere. We found some good training at a local shopping center yesterday. Figure eights around light posts and fire hydrants, out of sight stays in front of store fronts (where you can see the dog in the reflection of the glass), some bench jumping and lots and lots of heeling.

Only half of the stores were open that early, so we had space to train without getting in the way. It is important not to annoy any shoppers or store owners if we want to keep having places to train. It means making sure the dog is under control at all times, and demonstrating that control in a way that prevents people from being leery of the dog.

I think we did a pretty good job of that, and Diesel stayed out of the way and under control for the whole trip, on and off leash. Even though there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of shoppers, we received positive comments from everyone who passed by. Not to mention we had one heck of a training session. Diesel was smarter and ready for a nap by the end!

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