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2014 National Obedience Championship

(C) American Kennel Club
(C) American Kennel Club


Rugby and I had the pleasure of attending the AKC’s National Obedience Championship this year in March. This was Rugby’s third time attending this event so we had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

The NOC is a tournament like event, where dogs show 6 times a day for two days, and do a set of group stays. Points are cumulative and added up at the end of the weekend. That is a lot of showing and a lot of hours spent for all the dogs entered. Rugby’s sling (to save steps) and doggie crack (for an energy boost) were essential to him surviving the weekend.

We didn’t prepare nearly as much this year as we did previously and Rugby exceeded my expectations. He managed to qualify in every exercise in all 12 rings AND hold his stays.

Come  RIngside  Broad Jump

I was thrilled with him. He worked so hard all weekend, showing 8 and 11 hours a day and maintaining his consistency for the entire tournament. I couldn’t have asked for more.

0329_NOC_06405_thm 0329_NOC_06408_thm 0330_NOC_06452_thm

And… Rugby placed 2nd in the Toy Group! 

(c) American Kennel Club

Rugby enjoys doing his job in the Obedience ring, and I am so happy we got the chance to go this year. Fingers crossed we can make the next one too! Nice job, Rugby!

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