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10 Dog Challenge

This is the 200th post to Rugby’s blog. To acknowledge this benchmark we would like to issue a challenge to our readers.

In Thursday night class a few weeks ago we were discussing the sad state of affairs concerning the future of dogs. Depending on where you look for statistics 74-76% of all dogs in America are spayed/neutered. The viable breeding population that is left after that 74% is not a large enough gene pool to continue to meet the demand for dogs we have currently.

With this in mind we were all asked to find 5 intact dogs and 5 intact bitches that did not include our classmates, or any of the students at Applewoods.

Since none of us have succeeded so far so I am passing it on to you.

-Find 5 intact dogs and 5 intact bitches that do not include your own dogs (stanger’s dogs).
-Take a picture of the dogs, and when you have found 10 dogs post the list of dogs on your blog with their pictures
-Send me an email at biscotti702ATyahooDOTcom with the link to your post.

The first person to find 10 will recieve a prize, that I have not decided on yet. :p
The next 5 after that will recieve a smaller prize.
I will pick the prizes and post them later this week.

GOOD LUCK! Happy Hunting!


“In fact, 28 percent of owned dogs and 16 percent of owned cats are not spayed or neutered, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.”

Rugby’s regular readers are already aware of how I feel about H$U$….
even so, here are the statistics from the enemy-

“Seventy-five percent of owned dogs are spayed or neutered”


Here are some Applewoods Dogs that still have their reproductive organs –

Rugby, of course!
Eppy the English Shepherd –
Brandy, the Kerry Blue Terrier and Leo the Newfie –
Sugar, the Lab –
Bliss, the Golden-
Scout, Sugar’s Brother –
Caruso, the Standard Poodle (although they are scheduled to come off soon. 🙁 )
Cabot, the Brussels Griffon-
And lastly, Lillith the Doberman whose organs are set to come out soon as well. 🙁
Now if only the Applewoods Dogs could count towards the challenge! :p
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